euRobotics and BDVA organise in collaboration with K4I a breakfast debate at the European Parliament on 4 December. With a tittle “Towards a European Partnership in AI, Data and Robotics” the event is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To connect different actors from the European Parliament, the European Commission, industry, research, start-ups and end users, and to make them aware of the opportunities that especially the combination of data, robotics, and AI technology offers to the digital transformation of industry and society;
  2. To discuss the stimulation of European business ecosystems which cover the whole value chain, in current and future application scenarios;
  3. To understand the role of a partnership in this environment and how it can help to keep Europe competitive and skilled.

This event will start with a small number of impulse statements followed by discussions on several tables with individual topics. At the end of the session, the discussion results of each table will be presented. 

This breakfast debate is part of the K4I AI and Big Data for Innovaiton Summit

  • Location: European Parliament, Member Salon, EP 
  • Date: 4 Dec 2019, 8:00am to 9:30am

Attendees: Who should attend?

The workshop is aimed at selected organisations and individuals that have an interest in the future partnership, representing a variety of stakeholder groups, with a special focus on Start-ups and SMEs. Participants will be members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commission, high-level representatives from industry and research, especially from euRobotics and BDVA, but also from new interest groups and  from research.

Concept of the event

Individual tables with different discussion topics, per table a moderator and a rapporteur are assigned. 

The participants have the chance to select the thematic table to contribute to the discussion. The discussion takes place after few welcome addresses and impulse statements that set the scene.. The rapporteurs of each table will give a 3 minute summary before the event is closed with final remarks.  


  1. Innovation, value chains, creation of ecosystems
  2. Skills and Acceptance
  3. Funding mechanisms and expected impacts + Synergies with National/Regional initiatives
  4. Physical and virtual infrastructures to support the value creation (DIHs, platforms, pilots)
  5. Support of start-ups
  6. Transformation of classical industries (especially SMEs and mid-caps)