Future agri-food production networks will be flexible, responsive and transparent, providing sufficient high-quality and healthy products and services for everyone at a reasonable cost while preserving resources, biodiversity, climate, environment, and cultural differences.

Our Mission is therefore to Stimulate the development and integration of innovative robotic, AI, and Data solutions that can successfully be used in flexible, responsive and transparent agri-food production networks.


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Agricultural production is a key economic activity providing a growing world population with resources like food, fibers, fuels, and chemical basic components. Yet, agriculture also plays a crucial role in the depletion of resources like fresh water, fossil fuels, and nutrients (e.g., phosphate) and has a significant impact on our living environment through emissions and the use of chemicals. Despite a growing world population, labor participation in agricultural production is declining. Technology has been instrumental in the very successful development of agriculture throughout the centuries and will play a crucial role in the European Green Deal that addresses the transition to a more sustainable agri-food production in the years that lay ahead of us. It is expected that technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Robotics will be leading in this transition. During this transition, it is critically important to support agri-food production with novel technologies. Covering the value chain from breeding, through on-farm production, post-harvest storage, logistics, packaging, and food processing, the agri-food production network is an ecosystem providing agri-food products and services. Besides food, other off-farm productions do exist including harvesting of wild food, fisheries, indoor farming, both large scale commercial, and home growing, forestry, and, last but not least, urban landscaping and maintenance where robot technologies can and will be applied as well. Following our vision and mission statement above, the Agriculture Topic Group aims to provide:
  • a contribution to the development of the Strategic Research and Innovation and Deployment Agenda (SRIDA) of the AI, Data and Robotics PPP,
  • a broad and coherent view of the needs, applications, and key challenges for robotics for the agri-food production domain in combination with data and AI,
  • a 360 degree stakeholder view addressing both technology, business, and ecosystem development, and
  • a basis for the vision, alignment, and development of programs, projects, groups, and consortia that aim to contribute to the development and deployment of robotics, AI, and data in the agri-food production network. 

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