This Topic Group focuses on methods, technologies, and applications related to aerial robotics. The group organises Workshops, including those held at the European Robotics Forum, as well as other initiatives like Webinars, aimed at sharing important subjects with the community. Additionally, the Group offers support to conferences and workshops organized by external societies or entities. It extends its support to various activities such as competitions, summer schools, and distinguished lectures covering pertinent subjects. We are always looking to new members. People interested in Aerial Robotics are invited to contact the Topic Group.


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Aerial Robotics is a growing field which includes de following topics: new safe and efficient aerial robots; aerial manipulation; real-time 3D perception; localization; control and planning of trajectories for diverse aerial vehicles; navigation in complex environments; and new applications and services with aerial robots. 

The goal of the Aerial Robotics Topic Group is to promote the European aerial robotics community and the exchange of experiences between the different actors of this growing field.

The Aerial Robotics Topic Group has organized Workshops in every European Robotics Forum from 2016. The last 5 Workshops were:

  • ERF 2023. Aerial Robotics: From local operations to long range applications. Presentations from Donecle, Fuvex and FlyingBasket. 
  • ERF 2022. Intelligent Aerial Robotics for Urban Air Mobility and Logistics. This Presentations from Airbus, Ehang, DHL and Vodafone.
  • ERF 2021. Autonomy in Aerial Robotics for inspection and maintenance. This Presentations from TOTAL, CHEVRON, ENDESA, THALES, TERABEE, VES, NEABOTICS, University of Oülu, CATEC and Univ.  Seville. 
  • ERF 2020. Aerial Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance: Validations and New Challenges. Presentations from TOTAL,  CHEVRON, THALES, TERABEE, NTUA,  University of Twente, University of Oülu, CATEC and Univ.  Seville
  • ERF 2019. Aerial Robotics Technologies & Applications with the new European UAS regulation. Presentations from CHEVRON, Dronistics, Aristotle University of  Thessaloniki,  Imperial College, University of Zagreb, Aalborg University of Copenhagen, Univ. Bonn, Polytechnical Univ. Catalonia, NTUA, Univ.  Seville.

In addition, the Topic Group has organized the Webinar entitled “Overview of Current European Aviation regulation for Aerial Robotics”, scheduled for September 7, 2023. 

Furthermore, the Topic Group provides support for Aerial Robotics Workshops at IEEE ICRA and Conferences, including the International Conference on Unmanned Aerial Systems (ICUAS), and Workshops, such as the Aerial Robots Physically interacting with the environment (AIRPHARO 2021) in Biograd Na Moru (Croatia)

The Topic Group is also supporting Competitions, such us the ERL-based ICUAS 2023 Competition, the RAMI 2022 competition focusing on Inspection and Maintenance with aerial robots and the European Robotics League (ERL) Competitions spanning from 2018 to 2022.

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