Dear members,

As you may know, euRobotics is in a transition phase. We want to shape and promote the future of European robotics together with you.

If we look at the past, the creation of euRobotics through the merger of EURON and EUROP has enabled trusted collaboration between industry and research across Europe. Through the SPARC public-private partnership, we have established a firm collaboration with the European Commission (EC). Together we have developed a strategic research agenda and multi-year roadmaps for European robotics. Now, with the creation of Adra, we have joined forces with the data and AI community, integrating robotics with the big topics of AI and data. We have been actively involved in shaping the private side of Adra and have thus been able to strengthen the importance of European robotics, also by filling key positions in the new association.

Even though SPARC has come to an end, it is important for us to maintain contact with the EC outside Adra. By no longer being directly in partnership with a single EC Directorate or Unit, euRobotics has created the basis for alliances beyond the traditional paths, and we want to expand these in the future through further cooperation.

It is therefore important to define the strategy of European robotics for the next decade. The contributions of the euRobotics Topic Groups (TGs) are indispensable as a basis for strategic planning. For this reason, we support the work of our TGs with new IT structures. To ensure effective networking within and between the topic groups, a TG summit is to be held in October, which is to be continued in the long term and become an institution in the annual calendar of European roboticists. The results of the TGs in general and the TG Summit, in particular, will feed into a new roadmap for European robotics. This will then be discussed, improved, and adopted in workshops with our members. To improve this process, the website will also get a new look and will be easier to use.

As you may notice, there is a lot going on at the moment, and we have a lot more planned. To cope with all the changes, our internal team is being supported by additional dedicated and experienced professionals who we have recently brought in, and our office structures are being adapted step-by-step. In this way, we are making ourselves fit for the future and can further expand the benefits for our members. Our aim is to complete this transformation by the ERF 2022 in Rotterdam with a new overall picture and then to present this to you in its entirety.

We hope and keep our fingers crossed that the COVID situation will have eased by then and that we can meet for a personal joint exchange. Please stay healthy in the meantime.

Your voice counts, your commitment makes the difference! Please help us by actively participating in the association’s work and shaping the future roadmap of European robotics. Thank you very much!

Yours sincerely