In a move of potentially global significance, the European Council has given its approval to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act. It is the first piece of legislation that seeks to regulate the development and use of AI in the world. As such it will influence and may well set a standard for AI regulation around the world.  

The AI Act enshrines a core principle, based on an assessment of risk – the higher the risk to society posed by a given AI application, the stricter the control placed upon it.  

With the AI Act’s introduction comes a new structure of governance. This comprises: the creation of an AI Office within the European Commission with powers to enforce the common rules across the EU; a scientific panel of independent experts; an AI Board with member states’ representatives to advise and assist the Commission and member states on consistent and effective application of the AI Act, and an advisory forum for stakeholders to provide technical expertise to the AI Board and the EC.  

We will return to the AI Act with reactions from the European robotics community. Meanwhile, you can read about the AI Act in detail