Georg von Wichert at the new Siemens Technology Center Garching 

For Georg von Wichert it is ‘back to the future’ as he returns to the euRobotics BoD  after several years. In common with everyone who stood for election at the General Assembly in March, Georg provided an introductory BoD candidate statement, which we summarise here. 

I was a board member for two years immediately after the founding of the association and I participated in making euRobotics what it is today. Now after a few years focusing on other topics, I would like to increase my involvement in the community and contribute to further developing the unique community we have all established over the last few years. 

Position Statement: As a Director, I consider the most important task to be to further elevate euRobotics aisbl to a pivotal position in advancing the European robotics research community, continuing to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Robotics is at the forefront of a remarkable transformation, integrating and building upon the vibrant advancements from the AI sector. It’s imperative that we safeguard the unique needs and subjects that distinguish robotics, ensuring they are given due consideration in the creation of both European and national research and development strategies. 

So who is Georg von Wichert? Here’s a brief CV: 

Georg von Wichert is responsible for the Autonomous Systems & Control research at Siemens Technology in Munich, Germany. His research team focusses both on the foundations as well as the application of advanced algorithms for artificial cognition to manage and control complex technical systems and processes in industry. Applications areas are centered around digital manufacturing, autonomous transport, robotics, sensor data and information fusion, and human-machine interaction. 

Georg holds a PhD in Robotics and Control Engineering from Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. He joined Siemens in 1998. 

Georg is a Rudolf Diesel Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study at Technische Universität München, where he also gives lectures on Advanced Robot Perception. 

He also is a member of the Research Council (Forschungsbeirat) of the national German platform Industrie 4.0 and regularly contributes as a reviewer to the various research programs of the European Commission. 

Welcome back to the BoD, Georg. We’re grateful for the expertise you will bring to the role and we look forward to hearing more from you via future editions of the newsletter. 

Next month we interview another personality from the recently elected BoD.