The RODIN project ended late last year but for the euRobotics Office, post-project work has continued into 2024. The fourth and final periodic report was prepared and submitted to the European Commission. Now euRobotics is concluding work on the final report. We will update you when there is further news to share.

Meanwhile, one of the key tests of the value of any project is the sustainability of its work. Here we can already comment. The Innovation Networks arose directly from RODIN. These are in good health, organising future activities, and euRobotics is working with several of these, as euRobotics Project Officer Javier Luque explains in the short report that follows.  

Innovation Networks Special Session at ERF 2024 

On 13th March 2024, the first day of the European Robotics Forum 2024, euRobotics and the Innovation Networks ran a joint Special Session called “Innovation Networks Special Session (including FSTP*)”. 

The Innovation Networks are the result of the Innovation Actions under the CSA** H2020 RODIN (Robotic Digital Innovation Network) project whose details can be found here:

As part of the post-project sustainability strategy, euRobotics signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with four Innovation Networks covering all strategic areas: AgROBOfood (in Agrifood), DIH-Hero (in Healthcare sector), RIMA (in Inspection and Maintenance) and TRINITY (in agile production). In November 2023, euRobotics and the Innovation Networks held a kick-off meeting at Saclay, France, where future joint activities were discussed and where the idea of a joint workshop at ERF 2024 began. 

After three months of discussions and preparation, the Innovation Networks Special Session became a reality, and it took place at ERF 2024 at the Palacongressi in Rimini, Italy. 

Workshop panelists included Erik Pekkeriet from AgROBOfood, Françoise Siepel (DIH-Hero), Aksel Andreas Transeth (RIMA) and Minna Lanz (TRINITY). Also worth a special mention is that several end-users  also took part in the workshop. These included Øystein Skotheim, from ScoutDI which was funded by the RIMA project, who spoke about their path to market for Inspection and Maintenance robotics, as well as Svein Ivar Sagatun from Equinor. From the Agile Production sector, Matti Tikanmäki (from Probot) also took part.   

The Special Session was structured in two parts. Firstly, participants were informed about the context of the Innovation Networks, their nature, and their relationship with euRobotics. Then each Innovation Network gave a brief description of testimonials, success stories and demands. With the added presence and participation of the end-users, attendees were also able to discover the main challenges they are facing in their respective sectors.  

In conclusion, this workshop provided a very good opportunity to bring the Innovation Networks together with the end users and the robotics community in one place. 

Following the success of this workshop at ERF 2024, further joint activities are anticipated. 

If you would like to be updated on these activities, please visit the Innovation Networks dedicated page at our community platform whose link can be found here: Innovation networks | euRobotics ( 

Notes: * FSTP – Financial Support for Third Parties, an EU funding mechanism, also known as Cascade funding. ** CSA – Coordination & Support Action, an EU-funded activity focused on standardisation, dissemination, communication and coordination.