In just a few days it will be International Women’s Day. When it comes to women who have inspired by their personal example, the list is potentially endless, from internationally-famous icons, to local campaigners, to inspirational figures from our own families or personal network. For every Mother Teresa or Marie Curie with a global renown there are many other women who may be less familiar, or who are even known only within their own communities, but who have inspired or who continue to inspire others, by their achievements, by how they live their lives or by their concern and care for others. Among icons of science the name and memory of Ada Lovelace serves as a towering example. A mathematician in the early 1800s, Lovelace saw the potential for machines to do more than perform simple calculations.   She went on to publish the very first algorithm for a machine. Her pioneering work influences all our lives today. Within the world of robotics and indeed within our own European robotics community, a great many women play pivotal roles and there is no doubt that many of them inspire others. Now, as we head towards this year’s International Women’s Day on 8 March, euRobotics would like to know about the women who inspire you. It could be a colleague, a family member, a local personality, a national figure, famous to many or known to a specific community. Tell us via an email to the newsletter team at or on the euRobotics Community Platform.  No need for an essay. Keep it short. Just a name and a brief summary of why they inspire you. We’ll be fascinated to hear what you say.