Since its soft launch in January, the euRobotics Community Platform has been recruiting new users at a healthy rate. So far around 1600 people have registered to use the Platform and users are typically active on the Platform 30-40 times a day, adding events, posting, commenting, liking, and engaging in groups. People who were already part of the euRobotics network – TG members, people who receive the member newsletter, those who’ve taken part in euRobotics events, the main contacts from our member organisations – were automatically added to the euRobotics Community Platform as users. If you have not received an invitation and you would like to be added to the platform, please send an e-mail to

At euRobotics, project officer Inge Rehorst says she continues to be happy with the progress made since the platform went live: “I feel pleased whenever I see that someone new has joined the Platform – and even more pleased when they start to use it!! Once people receive an invitation, we kindly ask them to activate their account and update their profile and – of course! – start using the platform.” 

With the full launch of the platform at ERF in Rimini now just a couple of weeks away, Inge repeated her mantra for the Community Platform: “If you are already on the platform, please use it. And if you’d like to join it, just let me know.”

The euRobotics team are considering what name to give to the Community Platform. The name they choose will be simple, memorable and in some way relevant to the tasks performed by the platform. More news about this when we have it.