It’s certainly been a Happy New Year so far for Inge Rehorst at euRobotics. Project officer Inge says she was delighted – “and relieved!” – when the new euRobotics OpenSocial Community Platform was unofficially launched on 4th January. Since then, euRobotics members and Topic Group (TG) participants have been signing up and making use of what the platform has to offer everyone – in other words valuable opportunities for networking, connectivity, communication and discussion. 

Inge explained how it has gone so far: “People who were already within our network – TG members, people who receive the monthly newsletter, those who’ve taken part in euRobotics events, the contact person from our member organisations – have been automatically added to our new platform as users. If you have not received an invitation and you would like to be added to the platform, please send an e-mail to

“Once people receive an invitation, we kindly ask people to activate their account and update their profile and – of course! – start using the platform. 

“Members already have a dedicated pre-designed organisation page set up on the platform. Contact persons of the member organisations are added as ‘organisation manager’, giving them rights to access their organisation’s page to edit or add information. If you encounter problems editing, again, please reach out to

“Most of the Topic Groups have also been added to the euRobotics Community Platform. TG Coordinators will be assigned to the correct TG, giving them rights to edit or add information. If you were part of a TG, please join the TG again by going to the correct TG and hit the ‘Join’ button.”

Inge and colleagues are now working towards the full launch of the platform at ERF in Rimini in March. Meanwhile, she makes this appeal: “If you are already on the platform, please use it. And if you’d like to join it, just let me know.”