Signed: DIH Hero coordinator Francoise Siepert with euRobotics director David Bisset

Let’s shake on it: Trinity Innovation Network coordinator Minna Lanz with euRobotics president Bernd Liepert

The RODIN project has ended. Now euRobotics is working hard with other RODIN (RObotics Digital Innovation Network) project participants to ensure that its legacy will be sustained. Javier Luque, project manager at euRobotics explained: “The sustainability of the Rodin project is of the utmost importance. Therefore, euRobotics started the process of transitioning towards individual Innovation Networks. We have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Innovation Actions (IA) in all strategic areas: inspection and maintenance, healthcare, agile manufacturing, and agriculture.”  

The IA coordinators and future participants of the Innovation Networks held a kick-off meeting in Saclay, France on 7th November 2023. “We reached an agreement, identifying the participants, establishing a series of regular calls, and discussing the means of collaboration,” said Javier. “It was also proposed to discuss joint activities regarding the European Robotic Forum 2024 and explore the possibility of having a common booth.”

Participants of the Innovation Networks:

NameAffiliationInnovation Network
Aksel Andreas TransethSINTEFRIMA
Thomas VögeleGerman Research Centre for Artificial InteligenceRIMA
Ebert van VonderenTechnical University of KosiceRIMA
Minna LanzTampere UniversityTRINITY
Sotiris MakrisLMS, University of PatrasTRINITY
Françoise SiepelUniversity of TwenteDIH Hero
Maren BöddingUniversity of TwenteDIH Hero
Erik PekkerietWageningen UniversityAgROBOfood
Nikica MarinkovicBioSense InstituteAgROBOfood
Jens Martinus PedersenDTI, University of Southern DenmarkAgROBOfood
Dimitra PerperidouAgroApps PCAgROBOfood
Jon AgirreTecnaliaeuRobotics BoD
Juha RöningUniversity of OulueuRobotics BoD
Christophe LerouxCEAeuRobotics BoD
Nabil BelbachirNorceeuRobotics BoD
David BissetiTechniceuRobotics BoD
J. Ramiro Martínez de DiosUniversity of SevilleeuRobotics BoD
Reinhard LafrenzeuRobotics officeeuRobotics Office
Javier LuqueeuRobotics officeeuRobotics Office

A follow-up call in December considered: possible structures for the INs (whether as formal associations or more informal structures), membership and fees, links between the INs and the Topic Groups, events and webinars and future contact.