The Association was well represented at the One6G Summit at the end of last year when euRobotics Secretary-General Reinhard Lafrenz gave a presentation: Robotics and 6G in key application areas – a vision for a new generation of robots.

After outlining the economic advantages of smart robots, citing as examples their deployment in agile production, service delivery and the green economy, Reinhard underlined that data flow is essential. Focusing in on the crucial role of 6G in enabling smart robots to achieve their full potential, he went on to outline a variety of communication needs in a robotised world, from teleoperation and swarm coordination to sensor data evaluation and other uses.

Reinhard offered more detail on the use of robots in specific application areas, notably healthcare (smart hospital buildings, rehabilitation, care at home, personalised treatments, better diagnosis), agri-food, maintenance and inspection of infrastructure, agile production, “and other emerging areas, such as construction, harsh environments, blue economy, space…”. Within this part of the presentation, the role played by the Innovation Networks was also underlined. 

In a fast-paced and wide-ranging presentation, Reinhard also broadened the scope to touch on wider aspects such as cybersecurity, regulation and standards, mobility and energy consumption.

Not least, and not wanting to miss a promotional opportunity, the euRobotics Secretary-General invited his audience to check out the programme for ERF 2024.