The Second Open Call for the euROBIN Technology Exchange Programme is now running! This call is to add new methodical expertise to the network. Until 14th February 2024, companies of any size, research organisations and academia-research groups can now apply. 

Successful applicants will enjoy access to a 12-month support programme with top-class technical experts to mentor the building of transferable tech solutions to be included in the EuroCore repository, plus a € 60.000 lump sum to cover the costs of deploying a digital twin solution. 

 This could be a considerable gift for the right projects, and the timing seems appropriate, with the Call now open in the middle of the traditional season of generosity. With a name that hints at birds in Christmas scenes, euROBIN is the network of excellence that brings together European expertise on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Full details about eligibility can be found at euRobin Open Call You can also find out more by joining the online  euROBIN 2nd Open Call Info Day ( at 11.00am CET on Tuesday 12th December.