It’s here at last – European Robotics Week, offering a showcase of robotics in countries right across the continent of Europe. Robotics people always try to offer extra– and that’s why we stretch the traditional seven days across ten days or more (!), with some events and activities starting this week and others contininuing into next week.   

There are too many events to mention here, so here’s just a couple of provide a flavour of ERW. In Toledo, Spain this week, HispaRob will present its annual robotics conference at the University of Castilla La Mancha. In this year’s edition, the event will focus on robotics, STEAM, ethics and AI, reflecting a fast-growing recognition of the connections between these elements and their impacts on society, especially in education. For more on this event, visit Conference ‘AI and STEAM: Redefining Education’  

Meanwhile, in Croatia, the Rijeka Technical Culture Center is preparing to celebrate ‘Europski tjedan robotike’ (ERW) with several workshops for different age groups on 22-23 November. The local team have invited the local community to visit and have fun with their educational robots. Event information here 

There’s a whole host of other activities taking place and the euRobotics team have captured details about as many as they could discover – take a look at the ERW event map to find out more.