Laboratory automation is an emerging field within robotics. We’re happy to support our TG Laboratory Robotics by publicising this forthcoming Splash event which takes place in Liverpool, UK later this month. It’s certainly one for digital lab enthusiasts. 

The Splash! is a unique event for every digital lab enthusiast. It combines an educational part with a hands-on session to try out standards in action. Pick up the details on the popular SiLA and AnIML standards, understand how they work and where you can put them to use. The hands-on session lets users experience the standards in action firsthand. We’re bringing real and cloud-based instruments and lots of example data sets. Feel free to bring an instrument or your own data. 

This special “Splash” builds on SiLA’s success with previous sessions and is taking place on October 17th, 10am-4pm. The session is co-organised by ELRIG, the SiLA Consortium and the AnIML Society. Attendance is free of charge. Newbies welcome! 

Register for ELRIG Drug Discovery (free of charge) and get your free ticket for the SiLA Splash: 

A whole session on robotics follows the next day (18th October) at the main event, with more sessions on SiLA in the afternoon): 

11.00 – 12.45  105 min 3 talks+panel robotics in the lab role/title – likely topic 
11:00 welcome from chair Lorna Suckling (GSK) tbd 
11:05 talk 25 mins Hatem (Uni Liverpool) Towards new age of materials discovery using robotics and AI 
11:30 talk 20 mins Jade Brash (bit bio) The chill art of automated cryopreservation 
11:50 talk 20 mins Dan Thomas (Arctoris) Digitised Drug Discovery – Exploiting Precision Automation in the Quest for Reproducibility  
12:10 panel 35 mins     

SiLA at Drug Discovery 2023, Liverpool – 18th-19th October  

SiLA returns as a partner of ELRIG’s Drug Discovery event this month with a co-organized session on 18th October on ‘Robotics and Automation: Supporting Collaborative Science – How using the right tools enables scientists to discover better drugs faster’. 
In SiLA’s own words: “Robotics and Automation remain essential technologies to accelerate science. The multiwell plate format has served us well and recent advances enable scientists to take automation to new levels. At the same time data has only become more important to organisations as well as to scientists, calling for an infrastructure and tools we can rely upon. 
“This session aims to be both inspiring and applicable by bringing together some of the latest thinking and practice in the automation of chemistry and biology. The format will be a series of short talks followed by a moderated panel with time given over to audience exchange. 
Session chairs: Lorna Suckling (GSK), Patrick Courtney (SiLA) and Burkhard Schaefer (SiLA/AnIML)