TG Telerobotics & Teleoperation invite you to join them for their Autumn Seminar which will take place online on Tuesday 10 October at 13:00 CEST. 

During the event, experts from telerobotics and teleoperation will discuss the latest advancements and trends in this fast-evolving field. With a focus on practical applications and real-world use cases, the seminar promises to provide valuable insights and knowledge to participants. 

Speakers planned: 

Chang Liu (Extend Robotics) will describe Extend Robotics’ telerobotics software solutions and the challenges of its various industrial partners 

Dr Alireza Rastegarpanah (University of Birmingham) about extreme robotics laboratory research in telerobotics 

Eloise Matheson, Daniel Leidner and Karol Janik (Co-Chairs of the TG) with an update on current and future TG activity. 

Further details and registration via this link