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Robots and robotics in the public media 

Paris Metro uses robot dog for maintenance in hazardous conditions: Broadcaster RTL featured a short video showcasing Paris transport operator RATP’s use of ‘Percival’, a robot quadruped, for maintenance tasks in conditions that would be hazardous to the workforce (21 April). Source (in French, with Dutch subtitles). 

Soft, bendable robot responds to light: A Chinese researcher has developed a robot prototype inspired by an elephant’s trunk that can bend, change shape and perform tasks in pipelines, according to the New Scientist (23 June). Source 

A return to Horizon for the UK research community? The Financial Times follows the progress of EU-UK negotiations to restore the UK research sector’s access to the Horizon funding programme (5 July). Source 

High-precision robot injection aids human eye treatment: New Scientist magazine reports on the use of a robot to inject drugs into the eyeball with greater precision than an ocular surgeon can achieve (7 July). Source