As this year has progressed, euRobotics members may well have heard from Inge Rehorst, who joined the Office team as the association’s project officer exactly one year ago. Full of energy, Inge has quickly become involved with the nitty gritty of euRobotics activity, from membership to social media. We decided to find out a little more about her. So we asked her a few questions…

What were you doing before you joined euRobotics?  

During the last 15 years I had my own event and project company that specialized in organizing scientific events and in the coordination and project management of large projects within the high-tech systems area and the EU Framework Program. I worked mainly for the four technical universities in the Netherlands, the Dutch government (Ministry of economic affairs, foreign affairs and education) and related high-tech industry.   

What is your role for euRobotics now?  What’s the priority?  

My official title is Project Officer and I am working mainly on Topic Groups, Events, Membership and Marketing and Communication. Prioritizing is difficult…. We have a small team and there are a lot of things that we need to do and would like to realize in the upcoming year.  Therefore everything seems equally important, but if I must choose, I would go for Topic Groups and ERF2024. 

What have been your early impressions?  

That there is more than enough work and nice challenges to keep me (and my colleagues) busy for a long time, that the robotics community is a very strong, loyal and enthusiastic network which I love working with, that it keeps amazing me what kind of developments are happening (and at what pace) within the Robotics and AI field.  

What do you most enjoy in this role? 

The fact that I feel that I can still make a difference in my role and the fact that the association gives me a large measure of independence and responsibility in this role. I also enjoy the contact with the members / robotics network.  

What do you do outside of work? I am a fanatic equestrian and have two horses. One is retired and enjoys his pension, the other still needs training every day. Next to the horses I have one dog, three cats, four chickens and two Indian ducks (and then I did not include the 5 children, age 13 to 19 in this list😊). When I do have a quiet moment, I love to read (non-fiction, history, science, art, and anything animal-related).  

Finally, is there anything else you would like to say? 

I hope that everybody enjoys the holiday period and has some time to relax and spend with family, friend and loved ones. See you after the summer break!