The Association made good use of its time while euRobotics set up camp in Munich during this year’s Automatica event in June. Thanks to the generosity of Intrinsic, courtesy of Vice President Industry Rainer Bischoff, the euRobotics Board of Directors was able to hold its latest meeting in person.  

Sixteen BoD members were present with others dialling in remotely. The main decision taken was that following this year’s excellent ERF in Odense and next year’s much-anticipated event in Rimini, ERF 2025 will take place in Stuttgart, Germany.  The decision to award ERF 2025 to Stuttgart was made following an overwhelming majority vote, with 14 of the 21 votes cast in favour of the German city and the remaining votes divided between the well-regarded but unsuccessful bids for Stavanger (4 votes) and Barcelona (3). Congratulations to the Stuttgart ERF bid team, led by Werner Kraus from euRobotics member Fraunhofer IPA. We will reveal more about the plan for ERF 2025 at a future date. Meanwhile, over the next few months the focus will sharpen on the next ERF to be held 13th-15th March 2024 in Rimini.  See also Call for ERF 2024 Workshops and Call for Hosting ERF 2026 in this edition.