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Easter has passed, summer approaches and we look ahead to the General Assembly and the ERF, both in Rotterdam. Our President Bernd Liepert reflects on the Board elections. This month RoboPass puts its roving eye on robotics in Romania. As always, we value your participation. So just contact us if you have a story to share with the euRobotics community. You can speak to anyone in the euRobotics office team or send us a message via We are already planning for June and thinking about later issues, so please give us plenty of advance notice about your events and activities. Meanwhile, enjoy our May newsletter.

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This Newsletter has been written and produced by the euRobotics newsletter project team: Reinhard Lafrenz, Marta Palau Franco, Corina Radu (design) and Steve Doswell, with guest contributions from around the euRobotics community. All comments, enquiries and requests to reproduce content from the newsletter should be sent to the euRobotics Office team via