With increasing pace, we are now approaching the highlight of the year, the European Robotics Forum (ERF) in Rotterdam. The full programme and registration details are contained in the dedicated ERF site at www.erf2022.eu

What’s offered is a packed, stimulating three days of events. There are several plenary sessions and a host of workshops, streamed under a series of themed ‘tracks’. Most workshops are directly or indirectly influenced by one of euRobotics’ renowned Topic Groups. Around 30 workshops are linked in some way to a project funded by the European Union, including several connected with Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and Innovation Actions.   

Registration for delegates opens at the Ahoy Convention Centre on Monday afternoon 27th June. The General Assembly for euRobotics members also takes place at this time.  

The first full day of ERF begins on Tuesday 28th June with a Total Body Strength fitness workout (don’t worry, it’s voluntary – but you’ll love it if you try it!) at 7am. The Forum sessions begin at 8.30am, with opening themes spanning healthcare, business start-ups and the Nobel Turing challenge, benchmarking and competitions and miniaturised robotics. The first session in the newly-launched academic track will consider decisional issues in joint human-robot action.   

This barely breaks the surface of the richness and variety of sessions, topics and themes on offer during ERF. The full programme will reveal where you should go to find an in-depth discussion of the topic that most interests you. Late morning on the first day will also see euRobotics president Bernd Liepert give the formal opening address, together with the association’s vice president Research and chair of ERF, Stefano Stramigioli. There will be plenty of opportunity for networking and general mingling during the breaks when coffee will be served in the exhibition area, giving delegates a chance to speak to the exhibitors and see the demonstrations.  

There are several plenary sessions over the three days of ERF, beginning with an exploration of the role of robotics to tackle the effects of climate change. After the day’s sessions are complete, delegates have a chance to unwind and enjoy the social benefits of being at a physical ERF, something we all missed in 2021. And in what has become a regular feature of recent ERFs there’s also an undemanding 5K charity run, with all proceeds going to IMC Weekendschool, which brings valuable added education opportunities to children aged 10-14 from underprivileged areas.   

Sounds like a lot? It is – and that’s just Day 1! There’s so much more to say but it’s probably best simply to visit the ERF site and take a look at the sheer variety on offer. As always, we’re grateful to our sponsors for supporting ERF – find out more about our sponsors and exhibitors.   

ERF will be the main focus for the June newsletter. Meanwhile, once you’ve seen what there is to look forward to, better get signed up. Just visit the registration page, sign up and get ready for Rotterdam!