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The evolutionary success and bio-mechanics of bird legs were cited as an inspiration for a team of scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS), according to Science Daily. The team has built a robotic leg, BirdBot which is said to be more energy efficient, needing fewer motors, than previous legged robots.  (16 March) 

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Robots in the ruins of Pompeii: Under a high-tech-meets-antiquity theme, the Munich-based Sűddeutsche Zeitung shared a brief clip from Reuters of robot technology at work to detect structural faults at Pompeii (31 March). 

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Robotics to save the Adriatic: euronews reported on an experimental use of marine robotics by InnovaMare, a joint Italian-Croatian environmental initiative, to detect and reduce the volume of plastic waste in Adriatic coastal waters (July 2021).   Source (in Italian):