As a member association, euRobotics exists to serve the interests of its members by providing a forum for contact and discussion and a platform for collaboration and innovation, creating a unique and powerful network of relationships to serve the European robotics sector and wider society. In recent months, euRobotics has been looking at how to increase the value it provides to members.

We are sure that you will have noticed that we are improving our flow of information to you via the monthly member newsletters – and indeed you are reading the latest issue now. As you probably realise, a lot of thought, time and hard work go into each issue. We would therefore like to extend the readership and deliver more value for your own organisation’s membership of euRobotics by making the newsletter available to others in your organisation. Please do not hesitate to distribute this April issue and others you receive in future to colleagues and other people within your organization who would find it to be of interest. Equally, if you have news to share about innovations and success stories in which you and your colleagues have been directly involved, please let us know via

We look forward to strengthening our link with you and we are happy that we will have an opportunity to see members again in person at the General Assembly and throughout the European Robotics Forum (ERF) in Rotterdam at the end of June. Again, the ERF is another euRobotics initiative which results from months of thought, creativity, planning and work. Members benefit from free and discounted registrations according to their individual eligibility. 

The other headline event from euRobotics is European Robotics Week. If you are planning to organize a local ERW event in your region, please let us know and put the details on the Events map on the euRobotics website.  

And since we are talking about opportunities to become active within the euRobotics community, we are happy to remind you about the euRobotics Topic Groups. How good it would be if every member was actively participating in a Topic Group. We are currently working on a series of additional member exclusive meetings. More information about these will follow. 

A further benefit that euRobotics members will come to appreciate more and more in future is our new focus on alliances with related organisations. The most recent example has been the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with CLAIRE, said to be the world’s largest network for AI research. The fruits of our joint activities and the benefits these hold for our own members, will be become increasingly evident over time.  

Putting this all together, we think that there has rarely been a better time to be a member of euRobotics. 

Meanwhile, we would like to express our appreciation for your continued support of euRobotics and hope to see many of you in person at ERF in Rotterdam in June.